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Lipstick Guerrilla, formerly lipstick Rebels is a clothing line based upon the bold and the beautiful. Sexy, colorful, fun is what you will find. This collection is not for the average girl. I made this clothing line thinking of the girls who are NOT afraid of being themselves or doing anything any boy could do but better!! Daring individuals who are not afraid to play with fashion, turn heads when walking down the street and create controversy!! A Lipstick Guerrilla is a chick with balls!!
 I debuted my first of many collections June 2011. This collection is bright, fun, and outgoing. The collection i'm currently working on will debut this fall. This collection has a lot if elements of sex, drugs, and violence. Although these elements are present i'm in no way or form condoning such activities. The elements serve as something taboo to society. Something that is much known and relevant and in our world today but restricted. And being that this is a women's clothing line, pushing the envelope a little more. I want my collections to cause controversy and make people talk because it's a lot of things people are scared to talk about but happen or people do; so I decided to take the most common things (sex, drugs, and violence) and twist them into fashion, while making a statement. It takes a real BOLD person to pull off the clothes found in any of my collections, I hope you all enjoy and love the work I offer you, as I collide non political statements  in a society so full of politics.

And The Jazmin Walker Collection is a high end fashion collection with one of a kind COUTURE pieces...COMING SOON.



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-Jazmin Walker (designer and owner of lipstick guerrilla)